Company Profile

Company Name

Wisdome Trade Co.,Ltd.



Dec.7th 2018


President & CEO

Yusuke Tsuzuki



JPY 5,000,000



Yarn, Gray Fabric,Finish fabric  (including C-grade fabric)






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"We want to t rade wisdom with you, and make the world better place together"


Our company name 「Wisdom Trade co.,Ltd.」is named after those our thougt.


In the Textile industly, alot of defective products are occured during manufacture.     


To make unfortunate products be born again,we re-distribute them to use a thing in an alternative way.That is one of our main business and misson.


To make the world better place,


To make everyone have a good life,


We are so excited to trade wisdom with all of you.


Thank you for your continued support.



Yusuke Tsuzuki


Dec.7th 2018 



Head Office




Nagoya Office


505,Choujamachi Sougo Buildings,2-5-31,Nishiki,Nakaku,

Nagoya, Aichi, Japan


Tel&Fax: 0568-51-7553